Mediumship is blending of two minds incarnate and discarnate, meaning the person who is incarnate is the medium and discarnate  is the communicator/spirit person. Mediumship has a vast history and references to spirituality are world wide. 

In the early days mediumship was of a physical nature and was tested scientifically by many scientists. Mediums of the past were subject to much persecution and ridicule as well as rigorous testing conditions. Mediumship as we know it today mainly consists of mental mediumship, using the mind of the medium. 

Mediumship looks to bridge the gap between the two worlds by bringing forward communication with those who have passed over. A connection is made between the medium, the sitter and the spirit contact. Evidence will need to be given to prove who the contact is, once sufficient evidence is understood by the sitter, a message may be given.

The Spiritualists National Union or SNU has information regarding the history of spiritualism and the pioneers which includes the famous medium and well known author, Arthur Conan Doyle who created Sherlock Holmes.

True mediumship can help bring comfort and hope to those who have lost loved ones. The best way to find a medium will be through recommendation.


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